Story of transformation in a carpenter by efforts of Aakar Empowerment

Mr. Parsuram Gope is working under Tarapore from last 2 year as a carpenter. Before this he was worked at various sites, He is a very good man in nature and has a great experience in his job as well as safety. When we start our work at JEIM site we observe that he is very shy in nature and less confident power to say something in front of Mass. So we try to gradually involve Mr. Parsuram Gope in TBM as well as Mass meeting and give focus on him how he became talkative, at initially stage we give him scope to say something in TBM, take safety oath etc.

Now we are observing that Mr. Parsuram Gope is very active in TBM and oath taking and also exercise. He discussing at TBM on site observation and totally remind the safety oath and he also involve in exercise in Tool box meeting and also he share without officer about the site unsafe observation and also aware his co workers about unsafe act.


According to Mr. Parsuram Gope all the development with in him is possible with the help of Aakar Officer and he became our volunteer.

Name of the Person: Mr. Parsuram Gope

Designation: Cutter

Location: Joda RMP (Orissa)                                      

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