Training Program Name : Tejaswini

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A Domestic Management Program for Complete Development of Women.

Why This Training Program ?

In a family, the character of a female is always a center point. As time passes by, the role she plays also changes. A single lady of a family has to deal with various roles, such as a daughter, wife, mother, etc. and has to give justice to all these characters.


We all know that a single role of a lady makes a difference and change on the other role she plays at the same time. Even a small lapse in the morning in the daily routine will make a lot of difference in all the activities she does in the rest of the day. When the atmosphere of the home is calm, the person of that family will work more efficiently in his Office. On the contrary, when there is a difference of opinion, the efficiency of the person is used up in his own family problems and issues. This will result in decreasing the creativity of that particular person.


Various top Industries and Organizations have now started acting in this area and have started various activities which have benefited them overcome such issues and problems. There are various examples present which can be seen in this world.


Considering the above facts, this Institute ‘Aakar’ has developed a program for the women. This program is named as Tejaswini: Domestic Management Program.


The total program is based on “Human Values” and “Character Building”, which helps bringing better picture of women in an ideal family. This program has played a major role and helped in betterment of internal relationship by creating Self Motivation in women. This program, which is designed to take care of the “Hidden Efficiency” & “Abilities” of women, has been built as a platform in bringing up “Self Motivation Characteristics” and “Creativity”. This program is completely transformational program for better life.

Content Included In This Training Program...

  • Self Realization (Who am I and What is my Role)
  • Self Inspiration (Impression, Values and Positive Attitude)
  • Various Roles of life
  • Pro Action and Positive Attitude
  • Internal Relationship (Child, Couple, In Laws, Neighbors, etc.)
  • Controlling Anger
  • Communication (Effective Hearing)
  • Problem and its analysis

In this session, more attention is paid to individual analysis process which is self motivated. (Method: Conversation)

For Whom ...

  • This training program is for all those women who are acting as housewives.
  • This training program is designed taking care of all women between age group of 18 years and above.
  • And If needed others topic like Health and superstitions, Domestic Budget, Stress Management, etc. also includes in this Program.

Action of Workshop

Tejaswini Program is designed by taking care of various examples like stories, incidents, games, songs, group discussions, short social films, discussions, which makes this program more lively and interesting. 

Tejaswini program is conducted considering the women’s availability. We are giving two options for this…

Duration of Training Program

Option 1 : Daily 5 hours, for five consecutive days.

Option 2 : Daily 8 hours, for three consecutive days.

Option 3 : Depends on availability of Participants.

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