Training Program Name : Leadership

Leadership - Aakar

Why This Training Program ?

This program develops your standing that self leadership only can be converted into public leadership. It helps you to develop and sustain the paradigms of pro-activeness and initiative. Through sustained practice of integrity, being a role model becomes second nature. This program also clarifies difference between being a manager and a leader. All this effects all important aspects of life, may they be personal, social, professional and spiritual.

Content Included In This Training Program...

  • What is Leadership and Types of Leadership?
  • Self Leadership
  • Communication
  • Self Realization
  • Self Motivation
  • Various roles in life.
  • Positive attitude and optimistic outlook.

For Whom...

  • A program for Family, Teachers, Supervisors, Contractors, Engineers and Other Staff or any Human who want to lead themselves.

After the Program You will be able to Understand :

  • That leadership is not a birth right but can be developed.
  • How to bring change in ourselves in this fast paced world?
  • Taking leadership in any work at hand and paradigm of pro activeness.

Duration of Training Program

Workshop Timings: 09.30 am to 06.30 pm
Training duration: TWO DAY (Effective Hrs: 8 to 9 hours/day)

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