Feedback by Participants for Aakar Empowerment’s Work

How Aakar's Safety Programs helped Mr. Rajesh - a safety volunteer at plant

A feedback for Safety Intervention project done by Aakar Empowerment

Feedback of the Safety Awareness Program by Aakar Empowerment

Aakar Empowerment’s Experience of Working on Safety Training Projects

The success of any training program or a motivation programs is the impacts and change that comes in the life of a person. For same the feedback plays an important role for a third person to judge the outcome of a program. Here we have put the feedback by participants for Aakar Empowerment’s work like Safety Intervention and Safety Training, classroom motivational training, Leadership training and many other signature programs one can check here.


At Aakar Empowerment, We put our best efforts to build a close relationship with the participants. We have strong belief that a Human never wish to do mistakes knowingly. He is doing mistakes because he don’t know what is right with a proper answer of ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’. A healthy conversation is possible only and only if a person identify the relationship. Orderliness is never possible without knowing our relation with other.


So In safety programs by Aakar Empowerment, all those less literate humans also easily able to understand the importance of safety and other programs because we build a good rapport with them with a trust that every human can understand on their own if we deliver in a humanitarian way by identifying relationship with them.


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