Each Human being can understand, one need to have familiar conversation

Mangal Singh Purti was working with Pandey contractor under Tarapore construction. Mangal had seven years of experience in this job. He had joined in JIEM eight month ago. He is working at LCSS 1 area.

Mangal always avoided Tool Box Meeting and was coming late to the site.  We found Mangal and his group in rest shed or outside during TBM.  Every day we send someone to call them and then they join us. We had observed it many times from Mangal. Also one day he was telling someone to never share near miss of their site because it will hamper the prestige of their site as well as their contractor. Then we decided to follow Mangal and tried to make a friendly human relation with him. During site visit we tried to discuss regarding various issue and spent more time with him & his group. In this way we convinced them to attend Tool Box Meeting regularly. During TBM we discussed on the importance of this meeting for a worker through motivational stories. We motivated Mangal to express or to say something in TBM. We also shared the importance of near miss sharing and how we can avoid serious accident by sharing small incident.  At last we convinced Mangal to attend TBM and to share near miss. And in this way we motivated Mangal to work in safety and to change his attitude regarding safety.

Name of the Person: Mr. Mangal Singh Purti

Designation: Helper

Location: Joda RMP (Orissa)                                      


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